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Contemporary Dance Association

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Premiere! Dance theater performance "6th finger"

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The last evening of January Ruth Butkus Dance Theatre comma8 invites you to their most recent performance, which is characterized by the creator as a certain style of combining contemporary dance, music and video projections.

Dancer and choreographer Ruth Butkus invited a young team of artists to help her: composer Arthur Bumšteinas, video artist Gerda le Fou, costume designer Dovile Cibulskaitė, set designer Sigitą Šimkūnaitė. So that they could all present to you their latest performance "6th finger". An hour-long performance artist does not call this dance a performance.

... About the sacrament of Baptism.
When I stayed in an incubator,
after artificial insemination ...

Idea: Ruth Butkus
Music: Arthur Bumšteinas
Video: Gerda le Fou
Light: Vilius Vilutis
Costume: Dovilė Cibulskaitė
Scenography: Sigita Šimkūnaitė
Chorus: Irena Juškienė, Zita Staveckienė, Janina Gidrienė, Adelija Mickuvienė

Comma8 Dance Theatre founded in 2013 already has three performances in its repertoire, sound and motion dance performances and even a movie, presented during the 2014 Culture Night program.

 "6th finger" premieres in January 31st 19:00h., at Arts Printing House in Vilnius.

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The Contemporary Dance Association was established in 2007 by Lithuanian contemporary dancers and choreographers, who felt the need to organize themselves aiming to represent contemporary dance community and to defend their social and artistic interests.

The mission of the Association is to influence cultural policy in order to ensure and improve working conditions for dancers and choreographers and promote contemporry dance in Lithuania. As one of the main goals the Association seeks international collaboration with cultural institutions, dance organizations and artists.