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Contemporary Dance Association

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Premiere! Dance performance „White on white“

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Surreal contemporary dance performance, choreography inspired by Cubism and Suprematism ideas: P. Picasso Cubism genius work "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon," Suprematism icon K. Malevich work "White square on a white background. S. Kubrick inspired cinematographic masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey" philosophy, and film director C. Nolan futuristic vision of "The Stars".

Choreography: Hygine Delimat - dancer, choreographer and performance artist, born in Poland, currently residing in Austria, where in Linz, Anton Bruchnerio University, graduated the modern dance and dance pedagogy studies. 2013. H. Delimat were given a ,,danceWEB” Scholarship. Since 2011. Hygine Delimat works as a choreographer, inspired by the urban forms of expression (breakdance, hip hop, graffiti art, electronic music) and a variety of body consciousness and practice (yoga, Feldenkrais method). H. Delimat work strategy is based on detailed studies of motion and original art practices implementation.

Dancers: Alejandro Flora Mora, Anna Karen Gonzalez Huesca, Francesco Dalmasso, Gabrielle Emily Aidule, Kyrie Leather, Siri Elmqvist.

PREMIERE will take place:
January 24 th., 18 hrs.
VMU Hall (Daukanto g. 28, Kaunas)

Tickets: soon.
Tickets can also be purchased Kaunas dance theater Aura.

Ticket prices 5-10EUR.
Students and senior citizens with identification cards - 30% discount.
VMU dance professionals and students with identification cards - 50%.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 11 January 2015 18:22 )  

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The Contemporary Dance Association was established in 2007 by Lithuanian contemporary dancers and choreographers, who felt the need to organize themselves aiming to represent contemporary dance community and to defend their social and artistic interests.

The mission of the Association is to influence cultural policy in order to ensure and improve working conditions for dancers and choreographers and promote contemporry dance in Lithuania. As one of the main goals the Association seeks international collaboration with cultural institutions, dance organizations and artists.