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Contemporary Dance Association

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Contemporary Dance Association (Lithuania)


Naujojo Baltijos šokio atidarymo vakarą apdovanoti įsimintiniausi 2018-ųjų šokio kūrėjai

Tarptautinio festivalio „Naujasis Baltijos šokis“ atidarymo vakarą Šiuolaikinio šokio asociacija paskelbė dviejų kasmetinių ir vieno pernai įsteigto apdovanojimo laimėtojus.


Premiere! Dance theater performance "6th finger"

The last evening of January Ruth Butkus Dance Theatre comma8 invites you to their most recent performance, which is characterized by the creator as a certain style of combining contemporary dance, music and video projections.

Dancer and choreographer Ruth Butkus invited a young team of artists to help her: composer Arthur Bumšteinas, video artist Gerda le Fou, costume designer Dovile Cibulskaitė, set designer Sigitą Šimkūnaitė. So that they could all present to you their latest performance "6th finger". An hour-long performance artist does not call this dance a performance.


Premiere! Dance performance „White on white“

Surreal contemporary dance performance, choreography inspired by Cubism and Suprematism ideas: P. Picasso Cubism genius work "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon," Suprematism icon K. Malevich work "White square on a white background. S. Kubrick inspired cinematographic masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey" philosophy, and film director C. Nolan futuristic vision of "The Stars".


How a flying man is born

If parents did not yet explain to their little ones how children are born – they are welcome in theatre, dancers will. Of course, it’s easier for dancers; they don’t need to use puzzling words. All they need is a lyrical motion and after a few metaphors – a human is born.

In dance theatre “Dansema” play “Little miracles” that lyrical motion is accompanied with flight. No, not with an air balloon, with this white thing that looks like a hammock. But until the birth of a human in front of children’s eyes will grow flowers, penguin and eagle will hatch out, frogs will dance and caterpillar will become a butterfly.

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With whom


The Contemporary Dance Association was established in 2007 by Lithuanian contemporary dancers and choreographers, who felt the need to organize themselves aiming to represent contemporary dance community and to defend their social and artistic interests.

The mission of the Association is to influence cultural policy in order to ensure and improve working conditions for dancers and choreographers and promote contemporry dance in Lithuania. As one of the main goals the Association seeks international collaboration with cultural institutions, dance organizations and artists.